Awesome people of my life and their stories

Don’t Judge a book by it’s cover

Meet Aline Guy(Gee) from Northern Ontario. I used to think her last name pronounced as “Gai”.
We met first at Deerhurst resort. I was there right after from my culinary school. So I had no idea in the entire multiverse what I was doing in the kitchen. In return I used to get yelled at, shown things properly but as it was my learning process I didn’t mind at all showing something proper way or right way.
So when I started there She used to give me hard times not because she liked to but cause she wanted me to improve my skill. However someday I used to feel it was draining my energies. Naturally I was trying my best to hide from her, avoid her. She wasn’t bully at all but being bottom of the kitchen brigade and not knowing a lot ,I was confused to take everyone’s advices. I was mentally drained to make everyone happy.
Then one day she approached me and asked me where I was from? If I had any family or friends there ? She was unaware that I came half way across the world leaving Family friends behind.  And that was one of the most defining moment of my life.
Since that day She become very motherly figure to me. And this transition happened so fast and so over night it took me complete 2 months to understand what was happening.  It was one of those scratching your head moment. I was completely confused . Why or how a person was so tough and hard on me all of a sudden become a motherly figure? It was beyond my understanding.
We become really great friend. Which we are still these days.
She has a very strong personality. From outside she looks very tough . But deep inside Aline is very kind, Innocent like a baby, passionate about food. And most importantly a motherly figure to everyone.
Talking about her innocence I must share a story. So few weeks back Aline & I were having a chat on Facebook messenger . Then one point she dropped a bomb. She is coming to Banff to pay me a visit. And she wasn’t suppose to tell me that and keep it as a surprise . But she did tell me anyway cause she was extremely excited to see me. I laughed so hard I fell from my chair. Yes that is my friend Aline .


Aline , A wonderful woman with heart full of golds. She is extremely honest , kind and passionate.I really like how she is brutally honest  even though her opinion might hurt someone. But She is not fake. And that exactly has given her a tough exterior which in my opinion most people fail to understood . But deep inside she is a softy.

“I want you to stay true to yourself that’s what matters most. Life is too short to not go after our dreams. Don’t ever go to bed angry and keep doing what you are doing that makes you happy.” That is what she told me.

Dear Aline, Thank you very much for your kind and genuine supports over the years. I am truly blessed to have you in my life. Be happy , Be honest, Be yourself. Your honesty always inspires me to be honest even during the darkest time. Thank you for helping me exploring the meaning of Life. I always tell your story to my family. You are a legend.

It is my honour to share your story. I wish you a happy and exciting life. Take Care

December 21st, 2016




Chef Valerie Arthurs

 To me she is always Chef. I came to know her when I arrived in Canada back in 2005. She was one of my first few college instructor. Back in those days I was very shy and not confident enough being around so many strange people. Language barrier, cultural shock, unknown circumstances made things even more challenging.

But my chef was always there for me from the day 1. Still these days we stay in touch through our Facebook.

I became 19 years old shortly after I came to Canada. As you all can imagine what I was going through. My Chef decided to be more supportive  cause I travelled half away across the world to pursue my culinary education and life in Canada. Also the only friend I had in those days had to go back home in Bangladesh cause of his illness. I felt somewhat lost and alone. But after few classes I strongly felt I can ask for help from her about anything .And she has always answered my question with ease. Always made sure I get the right education. In one incident I was told to cook Pasta. Mind you I am totally from different food culture. On top of that I never cooked an egg when I was back home. Chef thought I knew how to cook pasta ( Which I do now) . I asked her how should I cook pasta?  By thinking I know how to cook pasta she instructed me to put some water ,bring to boil and then add pasta. But I thought I had to put pasta in water then bring to boil.. Well it didn’t go as I was hoping for.. I was so scared. All I was thinking “ I just wasted food, cost money. How Chef would think right now? Will she be upset? “ While going through all these traumatic thinking She came to me and asked me what happened. When I explained everything she gave me a big smile like nothing happened . Which I will remember always.

The most memorable experience I had  with her when she was delighted to join the day I became Canadian. Becoming Canadian is one of the proudest moment of life. I was sad thinking no one would be there to be part of my proudest moment. But Chef was there. Not only she was there, she brought up all the gifts and well wished cards from all of my Professors and Chef instructors. I never try to think myself as special but that day I felt so special. But it didn’t stop there. My chef, her husband and I went for a celebratory lunch afterwards. My Chef was so excited she made sure everyone in the restaurant became aware of the new Canadian among them. As usual I was trying to hide under the table.

My Chef is funny, silly, crazy like me. I love being with her. We both make sure we make each other laugh. But most importantly she is very kind and positive. There were countless days when she sat down with me listening my annoying complains, whining about from each thing to everything without getting mad at me.

What I like most about her that she is very kind , positive and very warm.

My Chef thinks I have a good sense of humour although she believes sometimes it loses in translation. She also likes my perseverance, tenacity and not being stray from my moral beliefs.

We both had opportunity to work along side during 2010 G8 summit at Deerhurst Resort, Huntsville,Ontario. Where I started my my culinary career and Chef ended her’s. I started my journey with the help of Chef Arthurs and I was fortunate enough to be with Chef when she ended her colourful, eventful and an adventurous journey that I always admire. The journey took her from the Northern Ontario to beautiful Canadian rocky mountains. From  fast faced ,stressful large kitchens to a small but important kitchen where she shared her countless culinary and life’s experience with young chefs.

“ Stay Curious and keep asking questions. Knowledge is power. Work hard and stay focused “ this is the advise she has for me when I asked what advise she would have .

My dear lovely Chef,

 Thank you for welcoming me, for all your warm supports and being such a wonderful guardian angel for me in Canada and being a great friend. Chef you were , still you are and you will be always my Chef. Cheers to many more years of joy ,happiness to my forever young chef. Chef Valerie Arthurs

Monday,November the 14th, 2016.


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